You may have all the creative talent on your team and want help with guidance or inspiration or you may be fully focused on solving technical issues and need the experience designed fully with minimal input from you.

Solution Cells Work Modes

Agency Mode

Solution Cells can discuss your Business and Experience Strategic Goals – even help you develop them if need be – and provide you with solution candidates per your needs.  We will work iteratively, showing you our ideas in rough form and only once everyone is confident we are meeting your expectations we will continue. This will require minimal participation from your team allowing you to maintain a laser like focus on your goals.

Embedded Mode

For companies with creative teams in-house we can work closely with them, even setting up a desk in your office and embedding into your team full time. Our role will be up to you but may include offering creative ideas, helping spur or inspire different directions in your own teams, or leading workshops and letting the direction and results come entirely from your own best thoughts. 

No Absolutes

There is no reason to choose, we have no absolutes rules and don’t limit creativity. The work mode can be a mixture of these, it can change over time, and it can simply remain flexible filling a needs as is best at the time.