Team Up to Build Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrency

“No one wants to spend crypto”. It’s a statement so obvious it almost makes you look stupid saying it.

I call Bullshit.

In 1985 no one wanted to spend $1000 for a computer. No one wanted to email.

In 1990 no one wanted to carry around  mobile phone that cost a fortune – and we all made fun of people who did for years to come.

In 2000 no one wanted to pay $500 for a slab phone that showed tiny videos and made fart sounds.

In every case no one wanted to do that which a couple years later was  commonplace often completely and utterly replacing previous habits.

Crypto will probably be no different.

Bitcoin Promise – The New Money

Bitcoin has failed. Everyone knows it. Right? After ten years most, by a huge, vast fantastically massive margin transactions are still Fiat. Why? After all, Bitcoin is better in so many ways.


Obviously Bitcoin hasn’t failed. It’s done an amazing job in and of itself but more importantly it inspired incredible new thinking. Even if it vanishes next year it will have been a huge success.

But adoption of Bitcoin or any crypto among the masses is lagging behind the dreams and promises.


Experience vs Tech

iPhone, despite some fun urban myths I’ve heard, didn’t spring into existence fully formed like a modern day Athena from Steve’s head. It was the product of a lot of very expensive and very secretive market and user testing. It wasn’t even anywhere near the first attempt at anything it was. It was the testing and design that made it such a hit.

That’s what’s missing with crypto adoption. There are lots of geeks designing rockin’ stuff which no one understands hence don’t know if they want. Mostly they don’t know the stuff exists so they couldn’t want it at all.

We need testing. We need design. We need (ta-da-DAAAH trumpet sound) Solution Cells.

Cooperation and New Money Models

Solution Cells solves the research problem for startups by paying for research that can cost $50-100,000 a shot together and reap the benefits. But it goes beyond that. Lots of companies are looking at some aspect of retail crypto from shops to payment platforms to gaming and even infrastructure solutions that will need retail working well to make them successful. But very few are asking “Why would ordinary folk want to do it? What would make them want to do it?” Few are doing the research to figure it out. Solution Cells solves that too, if the few, the smart, the right companies join up and cooperate.

In every conversation about crypto we get to all kinds of new paradigms that will emerge once we get rid of banks, get government out of our finances and everything is tokenized. Maybe. Maybe not. But I don’t think it has a chance if the companies pushing it don’t lead the way to whatever the new economy will turn out to be and adopt those new paradigms now. Lets share.

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