Our mission will be fulfilled only with participation and cooperation of member companies not only with Solution Cells but among themselves. We believe that by sharing costs, results and experiences all members will benefit.

That’s why our enrollment will be staged, highly limited and not open to all parties. We plan to have no more than twenty-three member companies ever, enrollment will begin with only five candidates accepted.

It’s vital that all our members share values and objectives that will benefit us all.

Membership Candidate Requirements

All candidates must:

  • Have a vital business interest in mass adoption of cryptocurrencies beyond speculative investment vehicles.
  • Be eager to participate in a leadership role in general marketing and possibly lobbying and legislative advise to promote crypto mass adoption.
  • Be willing to cooperate with other members in brainstorming, designing and where appropriate, promoting and business partnering.
  • Be fully funded (post ICO or traditional venture capital) through product launch.

Membership will be in two levels and will include:


  • Seat on Research and Budgetary Boards.
    • Vote on research goals and directions.
    • Vote on budgetary issues including disposition of possible profits from sales of reports and any earned from market experiments.
  • Vote on candidate acceptance
  • Access to all research raw data & reports.
  • Member prices on proprietary commissioned projects.
  • First Refusal on spinoff takeover.


  • Advisory seat on Research Board.
  • Access to limited data and reports.
  • Member prices on additional reports and proprietary commissioned projects.
  • Second Refusal on spinoff takeover.

All Members

  • Invitations to Solution Cells Summits and conferences.
  • Close networking for cooperative business.
  • Access to info sharing platform.