Fundamental research is vital to formulating relevant theories, but only taking them to market will validate of falsify them.

Real World Testing

Crypto Companies Don’t Test

Big companies run test campaigns constantly. Before making a major investment they run pilots which may include an entire new brand, product and marketing campaign. The results of the pilot may make them refine their approach or go straight to the major push.

Few, if any crypto companies have the know-how or resources to do that. So, they gamble everything on a single vision and delivery. They are reluctant to test much publicly for fear of giving away secrets, looking uncertain in front of investors or potential customers or they see it as a distraction from their focus on the roadmap.

Safe, Distraction Free Testing

If you’re spending a year or more and a few million dollars into the goal your ICO participants invested in it may be a good idea to verify that you are aiming at the right goal. You may have a great idea but you don’t have a well defined target group for roll-out or you may not understand their motivations and resistance factors and simply miss the mark, like TiVo.

Solution Cells can help with that. We can design tests from simple ad-words & landing page tests to prototype testing and even false brand product launches which will give you genuine, real world information. And we can do that with absolutely no exposure of your brand at all, that means zero reputation risk of potential of looking anything less than moving with almost supernatural certainty and confidence.